Lander Landfill, Riverton Bale Station, Sand Draw Landfill, Dubois Landfill:

The fee to dispose of municipal solid waste (MSW or household trash) and construction and demolition (C&D) waste at facilities with scales is $0.04 per pound as read by the scale.

Waste hauled in cars or pickups is charged a minimum of $5.00 for up to 200 pounds and an additional $0.04 per pound for all waste in excess of 200 pounds.

Rate structure when the scales are down:
At the Lander Landfill & Bale Station, Riverton Bale Station, Dubois Landfill & Transfer Station, and Sand Draw Landfill, or any other facility where weight scales are available, the following fees shall be charged.

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Shoshoni Landfill:
Construction and demolition debris (C&D) disposed of at the Shoshoni Landfill is charged as follows:

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District Transfer Stations (Atlantic City, Hudson, Jeffrey City, Lysite, Missouri Valley, Pavillion, Shoshoni):
The fees to dispose of municipal solid waste (MSW or household trash) and construction and demolition debris (C&D) waste at the District’s staffed transfer stations are below. Recycling is FREE and available during open event if the site is operated by the District; and/or if the site is operated by a Volunteer Program, and they elect to have recycling available.

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Specialty Waste Fees:

Specialty wastes are not accepted at transfer stations. Please see links to specific specialty wastes (under the “waste and recycling tab”) to see where they can be disposed.

  • Bio/Medical Waste:  All Bio/Medical Waste must be bagged in Bio/Medical Waste bags bought from the District for $5.00.  There is no additional fee.
  • Confidential Records: The fee for confidential records is $0.25 per pound.
  • Sump Mud: The fee for Sump Mud generated outside the District and transported into the District for disposal at a district landfill is an additional $0.08 per pound.
  • Electronic Waste (E-waste): E-waste can not be included with MSW but placed in specially designated containers.
  • Non-Friable Asbestos:  The District will only accept Non-Friable Asbestos.  The fee for residential owners is $80 per ton. The commercial/contractor rate is $128 per ton.

Transportation of Solid Waste to Solid Waste Disposal Sites (Cover Your Load):
coveryourloadSolid waste conveyed to any solid waste disposal site within the District must be tied, covered, or secured in such a manner that the waste cannot be strewn upon the streets, roads and highways within Fremont County.  All loose solid waste must be secured with a lid, a tarp, or other adequate and secure cover. CLICK HERE for details and fines.

FREE (Recycling and Other)

Printable lists of what can be recycled:

Recycling Dubois, Riverton, Lander

Recycling at Rural Transfer Stations