Bio/Medical Waste

Medical/Bio waste includes hypodermic needles, syringes with needles attached, intravenous (IV) tubing with needles attached, scalpels, blades, and lancets that have been removed from the original sterile packaging.

These items must be separated from regular garbage and placed in special disposal bags, which are available for $5 at the facilities listed below. You will also need to complete a special waste form, also available at the same facilities.

For more information, contact the District office at (307) 332-7040. Please check with operator or staff for proper disposal directions and directions to the special drop-off area.

Bag Purchase and Disposal Locations:

Dubois Landfill
Lander Bale Facility
Sand Draw Landfill
Riverton Bale Station (bag purchase only)
Failure to dispose of Bio/Medical Waste in official Bio/Medical Waste Bags bought from the District shall subject the individual and/or company to a $500.00 fine and may, at the board’s discretion, subject the company or individual to losing their right to access the District transfer stations and landfills.