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Employment Applications – Application Completion Directions

For individuals interested in applying for any Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District (District) vacancies, the following directions will ensure that the applications are fully completed and receive review by the District’s reviewing staff.  Applicants must completely fill out and submit a General Employment Application, as well as sign and submit a Job Description.

  1. General Employment Application:  Applicants must complete all three (3) pages of this document in full to be considered.  Sign and date the last page.  Take note to the difference between the two types of references (i.e. Professional and Personal) as there is a difference between the two.  If you have a resume, you are encouraged to also submit it along with this application.  However, a resume does not replace this application.
  2. Job Description:  Applicants must read/review the specific job description, indicate in writing any areas of the job description they do not meet or cannot fulfill, along with written notes or detail, and print, sign, and date the job description in all necessary locations, and submit the document with the General Employment Application.

Applicants are encourage to contact the District Office at (307) 332-7040 with any questions or for clarification on the application process.  The Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.